Piggy Mush is a conglomeration or accumulation of unlikely things, all scrummaged together to form one agreeable mush.

For example, this blog will be quite a piggy mush because the workings of my brain are quite a piggy mush. I apologize in advance for the extreme topic swings that will inevitably occur. There are quite a few synapses in my brain that never fully connected. I blame this mostly on my brother, who caused me to climb up trees and onto roofs.... and consequently fall off of said trees and roofs. I cannot believe that I survived all the accidents of my childhood without jarring something loose in my head.

Now that we have established item #1: that my brain is not fully functioning, allow me to present item #2: the main purpose of this blog - to chronicle our Ugandan adoption adventure. And before you go jumping to the conclusion that item #1 is in any way related to item #2, I would like to assure you that I did in fact consult with my very responsible, boring logical husband on the matter. I even remembered to consult him before committing to paying thousands of dollars, doing truckloads of paperwork, having every aspect of our lives scrutinized by strangers, and flying halfway around the world to meet our child. In a baffling turn of events, he agreed. So here we are, cheerfully drowning in paperwork and looking forward to the day when we can hop a 20 hour flight to meet our child.

In the meantime I can be found in our garage, covered in paint, glue, and sawdust, making chalkboards and art boards and other fun things to help fund this adoption adventure. Matt can also be found in the garage quite frequently, rolling his eyes at my requests to use power tools and dreaming of the day when he can actually park his car inside the garage again.

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