Whigmaleerie Day

This weekend we participated in a small town craft show - Whigmaleerie Day.

*Side note: I think I said whigmaleerie approximately 300 times this weekend. Isn't it a great word? I liked it so much that I went to a vast amount of trouble and googled it to find out what it means. According to Miriam-Webster, whigmaleerie is: "a whim, an odd or fanciful contrivance". I haven't exactly figured out how to use it in conversation yet, but I'm devoting a very large portion of my brain to the problem. Which might explain why I haven't done anything very useful today.

Soooo back to the craft show: the fall weather was gorgeous, the food was yummy, and the people-watching was highly entertaining.

Some of the highlights: a precious, hymn-singing choir of old ladies, a group of bagpipers (complete with kilts and knee socks), a shaved ice stand in the 55 degree weather, an impressive sprint/dive by Matt to save our tent from the crazy wind, and several really good 1980's mullets. 

Several times throughout the day Casey and I had to refrain from spontaneously breaking out into a loud rendition of "God Bless America". I mean, really - where else can you have a gathering with cotton candy, a swinging pirate ship ride, hymn-singing old ladies, shaved ice, bagpipers, and a craft show all rolled into one?

Unfortunately, I was too busy admiring mullets to record any of the small town awesomeness on film. I did, however, remember to take pictures of a few of the things from our booth. Comments, suggestions, opinions and orders welcome!

Large Chalkboard w/burlap bow and chalk holder 

Tall Chalkboard w/bow and chalk holder

Burlap Bow Frames - hold 4x6 photo

Double sided Block Letter Board - reverse side says "Auburn"

Large Art Board - "Birds of a feather"

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