Our CAN's came in!!! 
(For anyone we have not already annoyed with large amounts of adoption information and acronyms, receiving our CAN clearances means we can finally finish our home study. I'll stop there before your eyes start to glaze over.)

Finally, after five months of waiting! Hooray!

But just to show that nothing can ever be simple, we also found out that we'll probably be switching programs. In international adoption terms, switching programs means switching countries. You know, just different adoption requirements, different cost, different social worker, different culture, different language - no big deal. Ummm, right. More on that later perhaps. I don't want to mar the extreme happiness that our CAN clearances have brought.

When our social worker let us know that we had been cleared, I immediately thought of two things; the goodness/faithfulness of God, and a quote from the movie Elf: "The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear".
I won't tell you which I thought of first. Assume the best, people.

The fact that a six foot tall fictional elf is responsible for this particular quote does not make it any less valid. Try to convince me that Mannheim Steamroller's version of "Carol of the Bells" doesn't make you a little bit happier. Or that a four year old singing "Deck The Halls" doesn't make you smile. It does, unless you are Scrooge or the Grinch (and I would like to point out that even the Grinch caved to the magic of Christmas songs in the end).

Since I was immediately overtaken with Christmas cheer, it's very fortunate for Matt and our social worker that I didn't break out into a very enthusiastic (if slightly off-key) version of "Joy to the World" right there in the office.
I managed to refrain until after we left the meeting and I dropped Matt off at work again.
Then I promptly turned my radio up to a hearing-loss inducing volume and tonelessly warbled along to sang every word of my favorite Christmas album at the top of my lungs.

I'm confident that I successfully spread Christmas cheer to a great many people, judging solely based on the number of drivers who began visibly laughing as they passed me. Several people waved and I received one thumbs-up as well, which I feel absolutely sure must have been in admiration of my extremely impressive dance moves.

If you're a little low on Christmas cheer, I suggest this. Or cookies.
Both if you're really desperate.

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