A little background: we were freezing. In the year devoid of winter weather, this was the one day of cold...  29 degrees was the high. In Alabama that is downright FRIGID. And don't be confused, those aren't smiles that you see - just violent teeth chattering. The cold not withstanding, we think the pictures turned out awesome and we are so happy to have them for our "family profile". We were both quite shocked to discover that we actually look like responsible adults who might even perhaps be capable of parenting a child.

And if that's not a testimony to Carla's photography genius, I don't know what is.

I'm sure we were both laughing at me.
I provide Matt with countless opportunities for amusement at my general ridiculousness.
We look convincingly adult-like here, right?
I've been waiting for it to just hit me (the whole being an adult thing) but if it doesn't, my general plan is to fake it whenever necessary - i.e. legal proceedings, in the presence of my children, and ladies bible class. 

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