UA Student Tickets, anyone?

We quite possibly may have the best friends and family ever. Really there's no question - we just do :)

The process of adoption is so many things: exhausting, exciting, and also rather expensive.....  but our friends and family have been there the whole way. They lift us up when we're weary, celebrate with us when we're excited, encourage us when things get tough, and help us out when the cost is overwhelming. They've worked with us and for us and have given in every possible way. They've given their time, their money, and they've never stopped lifting us up with encouraging words and in prayer. Basically, they're just awesome.

And now we have a sweet friend who is giving what some would consider to be the greatest gift of all...

University of Alabama football tickets.

If you're from Alabama then you understand. If you're not.... well then I'm just sorry, because you probably don't understand and I cannot possibly come up with an equivalent example of any kind ;)
Because our friend is so fantastic, they've offered to sell their student ticket package and give the proceeds to help out with our adoption expenses! I would like to take this opportunity to point out that we are Auburn fans. Which puts us on opposite sides of the biggest rivalry in college football.

People, that is true love.

Back to the tickets. This sweet friend has a student ticket package for all of the home games, which this year happens to include Auburn and Texas A&M. So if you are (or know of) a student who didn't get tickets and wishes that they had - let me know! This would be a great way to get tickets - and you would be helping fund an adoption at the same time. What's not to love?
The tickets are on sale in the Facebook Marketplace.

Hooray for sweet friends and the beginning of football season!