University Pickers

We checked out a new antique mall today, and while I would love to keep it all to myself it's just so fabulous I have to share.

University Pickers.

The grand opening was just two weeks ago, and if you haven't been yet - GO! Seriously, it's awesome. And it really isn't "just another antique mall". They have so many wonderful vendors, and the booths range from cool handmade products to awesome repurposed vintage creations.

There are so many fun, gorgeous things... like this super cute bunting I got today for Evie Ruth's room!

I love it! 
(And lest you think I've lost it, let me go ahead and assure that no,
 it will not be permanently hung on the dresser knobs.)

And these adorable (and giant!) flower clips for ER's hair.

Can't wait for ER to wear these! But then I do love giant hair accessories on babies.

Whenever you get a chance to go (because you really must go) be sure to wander around until you find the Renew booth. It's a line of fantastic natural skin care products - seriously, this stuff is wonderful. And it smells delicious! As in, I had to remind myself not to taste it. Don't judge. It's really that yummy. Also, all of the proceeds from this skincare line go toward a sweet family's international adoption fund! Which totally justifies me buying this stuff by the case, right?

This organic body butter is my favorite. Now I just need to find out if I can get it in a gallon jar...

University Pickers is open 7 days a week. Go. Just go. But leave your credit card at home - it's much too dangerous to have it with you.

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